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I'm a photographic artist and freelance photographer.

Machalowski, a German photographic artist who majors on the city and the countryside type of photography - two opposite fields, with all their major differences and their potential for a perfect interaction. I am currently a listed photographer at the Art Photo Index (www.artphotoindex.com) and LensCulture (lensculture.com), and also a member of a permanent collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris. In the past years, my works received several international awards at events such as Grand Prix de la Decouverte Paris (2013), Moscow International Foto Award (2014), Fine Art Photography Awards 2015 and Abstract Fine Art at London Photo Festival (2016). Moreover, I have held several exhibitions in Germany and my works also have been exhibited in France, Netherland, U.S.A., Spain, India, U.K. and Italy at renowned galleries and festivals.
Some images are offered on catawiki at weekly auctions (catawiki.com), an online art auction platform and at the Art Galerie in Den Haag (Netherland) De Galerie Den Haag (degaleriedenhaag.nl).

Besides artistic activity, I work for musicians and private persons as an portrait and stills photographer.
I work mainly with analogue photographic techniques.

You can see me and my artistic work on a short film here: vimeo



My Referencesreferences

awards, exhibitions and publications

03/13 - Arte Laguna Prize / Venice IT - Finalist

05/13 - Darkroom Gallery / Vermont USA - Honorable Mention Juror Award

11/13 - Grand Prix de la Decouverte / Paris F - 1st Place in Architecture


10/14 - MIFA Moscow International Foto Award 2nd Place in Professional Architecture : Buildings

12/14 - Adore Noir Magazine - 2nd Place Portfolio contest 2014

12/14 - ND Awards 2014 - 3rd Place in Architecture: Buildings

12/14 - ArtCompetition.net - "Animals"- Wild, Domestic, Land, Air or Sea - Honorable Mention


01/15 - Hoepfner Stiftung - Stadttraum-Traumstadt - Europäischer Förderpreis für Fotografie

02/15 - Art of Building 2014 / CIOB - Finalist

03/15 - Monochrome Awards 2014 - 1st Place - Photomanipulation Photographer of the Year 2014

03/15 - Monochrome Awards 2014 - Honorable Mention - Fine Art

03/15 - Monochrome Awards 2014 - Honorable Mention - Architecture

03/15 - Golden Camera Award / Kiev UA - 1st Place in professional Architecture

05/15 - Tetenal B/W European Classics Award – 1st Place Germany in Animals

05/15 - Motif Collective Photography May 2015 - 1st and 3rd Place in Architecture

07/15 - Fine Art Photography Awards 2015 - 1st Place in Architecture

07/15 - Fine Art Photography Awards 2015 - Honorable Mention in Photomanipulation

10/15 - International Photography Awards 2015- Honorable Mention

10/15 - The Royal Photographic Society / UK - Silver Award - International Print Exhibition

11/15 - ND Awards 2015 - Honorable Mention in FineArt


01/16 - Gomma Grant - Shortlist

01/16 - Monochrome Awards 2015 - 2nd Place - Architecture (Professional)

02/16 - London Photo Festival - Honorable Mention (Street Competition)

03/16 - Golden Orchid International Art Festival - 2nd Place - Series

05/16 - London Photo Festival - 1st Place - Abstract FineArt

05/16 - Moscow International Foto Award – Honorable Mention – Fine Art Collage

06/16 - Fine Art Photography Awards 2016 – Nominee – Cityscape

07/16 - La Grande Photo – Highly Commended – Architecture

07/16 - La Grande Photo – Nominee – FineArt

10/16 - Photogrvphy Grant – Nominee – City

10/16 - Photogrvphy Grant – Nominee – People

10/16 - International Photography Award 2016– Honorable Mention – Collage

11/16 - ND Awards 2016 - Honorable Mention in FineArt


01/17 - Monochrome Awards 2016 - Honorable Mention - Abstract (Professional)

02/17 - London Photo Festival - 1st Place - Architecture

02/17 - Sony World Photography Awards 2017 - Shortlist - Open Architecture

04/17 - Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 – 2nd Place – Fine Art (Professional)

06/17 - Moscow International Foto Award 2017 – 2nd Place – Architecture - Buildings (Professional)

09/17 - SIENA International Photo Award 2017 - Remarkable Award - Architecture & Urban Spaces

10/17 - Photogrvphy Grant 2017 – Nominee – Conceptual

11/17 - ND Awards 2017 – Honorable Mention – Conceptual FineArt

12/17 - Chromatic Awards 2017 – 2 x Honorable Mention – FineArt


01/18 - Monochrome Awards 2017 - 1st Place - Fine Art Photographer of the year (Professional)

04/18 - Int'l Photography Award (IPA) - 2nd Place - One Shot Harmony (FineArt Professional)

11/18 - ND Awards Photo Contest 2018 - 1st Place - Long Exposure (Special Professional)


02/19 - Sony World Photography Awards 2019 - Shortlist - Open Architecture

04/19 - All About Photo Awards 2019 - 3rd Place


02/20 - Lensculture Exposure Awards 2020 - Shortlist and Jurors' Pick

04/20 - 6th FineArt Photography Awards - Nominee at Fine Art

06/20 - San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards - Gold & Gallery Award

07/20 - Monovisions Photography Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention in Fine Art

12/20 - ND Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention in Architecture Buildings


02/21 - Sony World Photography Awards 2021 - 2nd Place - Professional Architecture & Design

04/21 - Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 – Nominee – Fine Art (Professional)

07/21 - Monovisions Photography Awards 2021 – Honorable Mention – Fine Art (Professional)

11/21 - Architecture Masterprize 2021 - Exterior Architecture Photography Award (Professional) - Winner in Cultural Exterior

11/21 - 16th Black & White Spyder Awards - Fine Art (Professional) - Nominee

11/21 - ND Awards 2021 - Architecture (Professional) - Honorable Mention


02/23 - refocus Awards 2022 - Silver Award - Professional Architecture

04/23 - All About Photo Awards 2023 - Merit Award


04/24 - Fine Art Photography Awards 2024 - Nominee - Conceptual (Professional)

04/24 - 18th Black White Spider Awards - Nominee - Fine Art (Professional)


09/12 - Neonchocolate Gallery / Berlin - Stadtansichten - group exhibition


03/13 - Fenster 61 / Berlin - Monster - solo exhibition

03/13 - Arte Laguna Prize / Venice IT - Finalist Show - group exhibition

05/13 - Lomography Gallery Store / Berlin - Plastic international - solo exhibition

05/13 - Darkroom Gallery / Vermont USA - Trick of the Eye - group exhibition

08/13 - aff - atelier freier fotografen / Berlin - Laut & Leise - group exhibition

10/13 - Foster Huntington / Berlin - Choices & Dialogues - group exhibition

11/13 - Grand Prix de la Decouverte / Paris F - Winners Gallery - group exhibition


01/14 - Pflueger 68 / Berlin - Obscura - group exhibition

03/14 - DdA Factory / Cagliari IT - Group Show - group exhibition

05/14 - Fotogalerie Potsdam / Potsdam - multiexpo berlin/potsdam - solo exhibition

11/14 - Bundesstiftung baukultur / Potsdam - Baukultur im Bild. Räume + Menschen - group exhibition


01/15 - Industrie- und Handelskammer / Karlsruhe - Stadttraum-Traumstadt - group exhibition

01/15 - Haus der Architekten / Stuttgart - Baukultur im Bild. Räume + Menschen - group exhibition

03/15 - Architektur- und Umwelthaus / Naumburg - Baukultur im Bild. Räume + Menschen - group exhibition

03/15 - National Museum of T.Shevchenko / Kiev UA - Winners Gallery - group exhibition

04/15 - Carpentier Galerie / Berlin - Berlin Photography - group exhibition

04/15 - Kyiv Photography School / Kiev UA - group exhibition

05/15 - Kasseler Architekturzentrum im Kulturbahnhof / Kassel - group exhibition

05/15 - Camden Image Gallery / London - animal portrait - group exhibition

09/15 - Carpentier Galerie / Berlin - multiexpo/tierwald - solo exhibition

09/15 - Landesgartenschau / Landau - stadt.weiter.bauen - group exhibition

09/15 - The Grand / Berlin - Proud Collector - group exhibition

10/15 - Royal Albert Hall / London - International Print Exhibition 158 - group exhibition

11/15 - ArtVilla am See / Radolfzell - Stadttraum-Traumstadt - group exhibition


01/16 - Aberystwyth Arts Centre / UK - IPE 158 - group exhibition

03/16 - The Hive / Worcester UK - IPE 158 - group exhibition

04/16 - Kultur- und Museumszentrum / Meßkirch - Baukultur im Bild - group exhibition

04/16 - Museum & Art Gallery / Warrington UK - IPE 158 - group exhibition

05/16 - Municipal Gallery / Dublin IRL - IPE 158 - group exhibition

05/16 - The Crypt, St George the Martyr Church / London UK - Abstract FineArt - group exhibition

05/16 - Revela-T Photography Festival / Barcelona E - multiexpo/tierwald/monster - group exhibition

07/16 - University of Derby / Derby UK - IPE 158 - group exhibition

09/16 - IHK Leipzig / Leipzig D - Tiere, Monster, Geister - solo exhibition


04/17 - Somerset House / London UK- Sony World Photography Awards & Martin Parr 2017 - group exhibition

04/17 - Photo Patagonia / Rio Gallegos Santa Cruz Argentina - Festival 2017 - group exhibition

05/17 - Decumanus Gallery / Krk HRV - Mass tourism - group exhibition

07/17 - Münsters / Leipzig D - Four series - solo exhibition

08/17 - Pulp Gallery / Vancouver CAN - FotoFilmic17 summer shortlist show - group exhibition

09/17 - Indian Photography Festival / Hyderabad IND - group exhibition

10/17 - Carpentier Galerie / Berlin - Monsters & Ghosts - solo exhibition

11/17 - Willy Brandt Haus / Berlin - Sony World Photography Awards 2017 - group exhibition


02/18 - Fang Studio / Leipzig D - monster - solo exhibition

03/18 - Burrard Arts Foundation / Vancouver CAN - FOTOFILMIC17 TRAVELING EXHIBITION - group exhibition

07/18 - Millepiani / Rome I - ALTERATION - group exhibition

09/18 - Binome Galerie / Paris F - FOTOFILMIC17 TRAVELING EXHIBITION - group exhibition

09/18 - ACCI Gallery / Berkeley USA - San Francisco Bay Month of Photography - group exhibition

09/18 - Galerie Knauber / Berlin D - Das Tier - group exhibition

10/18 - Stereosis School of Photography / Thessaloniki GR - FOTOFILMIC17 TRAVELING EXHIBITION - group exhibition

12/18 - LAINDUSTRIAL / Madrid E - WM18 Revela't Winter Madrid - monster/multiexpo/tierwald


04/19 - SAMple Gallery, Hanes Art Center / University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill USA - Inaugural - group exhibition

05/19 - Focales en Vercors / Villard de Lans F - 10e Recontres Photographiques 2019 - group exhibition


04/20 - Caelum Gallery, Chelsea - New York / USA - LensCulture EXPOSURE AWARDS 2020 - CANCELED

06/20 - Fang Studio - Leipzig / D - ONE OUT / ONE IN - group show

09/20 - Galerie Christine Knauber - Berlin / D - Salon Nr. 3 - group show


08/21 - De Galerie Den Haag - Collection

10/21 - Willy Brandt Haus / Berlin D - Sony World Photography Awards 2021 group exhibition

11/21 - Galerie Joseph - métro Hôtel de Ville / Paris FR - Sony World Photography Awards 2021 group exhibition


05/22 - Caelum Gallery, Chelsea - New York / USA - LensCulture EXPOSURE AWARDS 2020 - group show

09/22 - REVELA'T Festival 2022, Barcelona / Spain - ghosts of... - solo exhibition

11/22 - Fotoforum West, Innsbruck / Austria - november // tierwald - solo exhibition

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I sell strong limited art-prints of my photography. Hand-mate baryte prints or larger fine-art prints. All signed and numbered. If you are interested, please contact me. Furthermore, you can book me! Any questions about my fees or conditions, please start a request.


Bernhard-Göring-Str. 11, 04107 Leipzig, Germany


(+49) 1704103130



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